www.repairyourspeakers.comAudiofriends - Reparieren Sie Ihren Lautsprechern!

Refoam your speakers with manuals from Audiofriends. Earlier in PDF, now in refoam manual-videos on YouTube.

A 60 test signals. We’re going to make more or these, so stay sharp….

We sell also foam -  or rubber surrounds from high quality. Genuine surrounds from Kurt Müller,

special made surrounds by Audiofriends, and special surrounds from other manufacturers.

https://www.repairyourspeakers.com (PayPal, creditcard, Sofort, iDeal, etc.)

One of the many special made surrounds by Audiofriends.

Kurt Müller genuine surrounds for instance for Dynaudio, Vifa, Scanspeak, Tannoy, etc.

Special made surrounds from other firms, for Cerwin Vega, JBL, KEF, etc.


Don’t destroy your speakers with inferieur surrounds. Choose our high quality surrounds.